The place I travel abroad is Yufuin.

The place I travel abroad is Yufuin. Yufuin has many delicious dishes and desserts. Among them, my favorite is Hamburg, a Western-style restaurant located in the country of Yufeng Yutaka, a pension that is built on the banks of Yufuin Lake Tourist attraction, Kim scales lake. I can choose my favorite main among seven from the lunch menu, but I always choose a hamburger steak. It is soft and juicy with hamburger made with Bungo Cattle 100%, the taste of meat and the sweetness of the fatty are gut stuffed and it is quite delicious. The sauce is exquisite with demiglace sauce which boiled calf's bones carefully. And for dinner, charcoal grilling of Bungo cattle and local chicken try to choose the main inn. Of course Bungo cattle is delicious, of course there is soft sweetness but local chicken has elasticity It is very delicious. Desserts are also many healthy dessert shops such as tofu pudding, tofu karin and soy milk soft cream. Tofu pudding and soy milk soft cream are moderately sweet and the taste of tofu is firm. Although Karint? is fried with oil, it is not greasy and smooth. Yufuin is packed with sights and delicious foods, no matter how many times you go. By the way, either Yufuin or Yufuin letters are OK.

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