When I went to scuba diving trip to Okinawa.

When I went to scuba diving trip to Okinawa. We stayed at a business hotel near the international street and the diving itself took a boat and went to the Keijima Islands. Since scuba diving is very weak, we went to International Street with something delicious. Suddenly, I found a shop with a queue, so I decided to line up next to things. The name of the shop is ""Yunanagi."" It was a home cook shop in Okinawa. Basically thin. Roughtai etc. There is a dark image, but it was the first time I ate such a rough rafty like this. Soki soba is also light taste. Soaki soba which I ate so far did not feel like pigs to eat, but the image of Okinawa cuisine rose steadily at school. I think that it is a kind of a good cook shop to make an image dependent on one shop. Besides, Fu Chanpuru, sea grapes, etc. got delicious anyway. One of the shops I want to visit again and again.